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How many more twists in this crazy title fight?

Cars in Parc Ferme after qualifying was done in Brazil, but it didn't end there

Cars in Parc Ferme after qualifying was done in Brazil, but it didn’t end there

It is astonishing how many twists and turns the 2021 Formula 1 title battle is taking. 
Now the Brazilian Grand Prix weekend is adding a couple more. I know that because as I write this I’ve no idea how quickly the piece will become out of the date. That’s how quickly things are changing! To be four races from the end of the season and still have a championship fight between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton is already a treat. To be here and still find new uncertainties and controversies is what will make 2021 an all-time F1 classic.  Läs mer

Why a Porsche/Audi F1 entry is more credible than before…

Porsche on its way back to F1?

Porsche on its way back to F1?

Any suggestion of Porsche or Audi entering Formula 1 is often met with the same reply: ‘I’ve heard this all before.’Those manufacturers are the ultimate F1 teases. They join conversations about future rules, they hold up the process and force F1 to consider – and maybe even pursue – different directions. And then they never commit. 

Here we are in late-2021 and Porsche is openly commenting on its supposedly “serious” F1 interest and it’s known that its sister brand Audi has been involved in the same negotiations. So, a simple question: why should this time be any different?

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